We offer several roadside services for your assistance.

Andys Repair Center

40 Port Darlington Road

Bowmanville, Ontario

L1C 6T8


Phone: (905) 697-2574

Fax: (905) 697-9940

Call (905) 431-9940 For 24/7 Roadside Assistance

All services are offered in the Durham Region and beyond.

We offer the following services for heavy duty vehicles ONLY.

Roadside Repair


Anyone who has a heavy duty vehicle that is stuck on the side of the road with a malfunctioning vehicle we have the tools to help you.

Diesel Fuel


For anyone who has run out of fuel we offer diesel fuel for anyone with a diesel vehicle stuck on the side of the road. We also offer the removal of previous fuel if necessary.

We also offer the following service for light/medium duty vehicles ONLY.



For light duty vehicles we offer towing to our garage for any work necessary. For heavy duty vehicles we can recommend other companies if we cannot fix the vehicle on the road side.

*Be aware we only tow to OUR repair center we will NOT take you to another destination

1. ALWAYS stay in your vehicle. Do not leave your vehicle until we arrive. When we arrive continue to stay in your vehicle and we will come to your vehicle.

2. Have your four-ways on at all times if possible. For example your battery is dead. Other than that they should be on, day or night.

Roadside Tips while waiting for us to arrive

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